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Have funHave funQUICK WAR 1 - C64

"Space Shooter"   (seuck game)

Quick War - 1 

... Welcome to " Quick War "...The Vox Videogame & Co. and  "The New Dimension 64" TND64 presents a new game with design&animation by Pinov Vox with the S.e.u.c.k. " Outlaw - Sensible Software - 1987" version. gfx & fx sound by Pinov Vox, title music by Vg Vox 2020... Kickassembler s.e.u.c.k framework, and additional the new framework3.1 kickassembler Richard Bayliss code ..."tnd64.unikat.sk" ... gfx front end (Pinov Vox), in game music by Vg Vox... Based  "Turbo Tape"  Martin Piper and adding code by Richard Bayliss -  we used for the tape "Tape Master Pro 4.0" - .


This time I will be brief ... we are on our artificial satellite "Terra2"; we have long since abandoned the planet Earth for over 100  years now, and have rebuilt on it all the things we had long ago on "Earth". our technology has made a lot of progress ... we have also preserved the art of music and sound. but one day alien "Orixyan" spaceships arrive and with a statement from their boss announce that they want to cancel the notes and sounds we know, "completely forbidden in their opinion in the universe" ... "this is unheard of we cannot allow it ... ! " ... bring joystick in port 2 and make him pay "save Terra2 "and defend the music and their notes ... and the human race ... key "P" for abort game and key  RUN/STOP  to put the game on break (pause)   ...long live the music!              ...enjoy you to kill the aliens           ....are close...now...!!!

by Pinov Vox 

Have fun!


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Il Sid va settato 8580

Mod C64c

Acquistato anche questo, ora lo provo, intanto ho pubblicato un video su galax blazer, ottimo lavoro!!

Grazie amico.👍


Ti sto contattando su facebook

ZIPfile there're DISK and TAPE version.

My first game with Seuck (Power up code)